Elfbarking – Where to Buy Elfbark in Chalced

If you’re looking for a place to buy elfbark, there are plenty of options. Some of the 6D nobles in Chalced have their own plantations and could supply you with a good deal. But if you want to try it yourself, you’ll need to grow your own. Besides, this is a really dangerous drug.

Elfbark is a hypnotic tea

Taking a closer look, you may be surprised to find that elfbark is actually a tree bark that has been reworked into a beverage. In this case the main gist is a elfbarking.com cleverly made concoction of bark, water and a little pixie dust. As such, the resulting beverage is not for the faint of heart. Nonetheless, the name elfbark is a well-known brand with a loyal following.

Elfbark is a narcotic

Elfbark is a narcotic, and is used by slaves in Chalced to increase their hours of work but dull their minds so they don’t escape. Taking this substance over long periods of time can be addictive, and it can also permanently alter a person’s temperament, making them suspicious and fearful even with their closest companions.

Fitz uses this herb to suppress his Skill, but it’s not strong enough to kill the craving for connection. It can, however, deaden the ability to Skill for young and older Skill-users.

Kettle is shocked to find out that Fitz was using this herb, and is especially horrified when she learns that Verity had taken it. She offers to give him some elfbark, but Fitz declines it and begins to suffer for his decision.

Elfbark is a drug

Elfbark is a drug used to increase stamina in slaves. It also dulls the mind, so that a slave will not try to escape.

Fitz drinks elfbark, which helps dull his Skill-hunger as well as his Skill-headaches. Kettle was horrified when she learned of Fitz’s use of elfbark.

It is said to extinguish the ability to Skill in the young and cripple it for older Skill-users. Its effects are similar to those of nicotine.

It is also a popular drug for Chalcedans to give their slaves, as it increases their stamina while dulling their minds, so that they will not attempt to run away. The herb is considered to be addictive and can have devastating effects on a slave’s personality. This is especially true when taken sporadically.

Elfbark is a poison

Elfbark is a strong, bitter tea that Fitz makes for himself to dull his Skill-hunger and headaches. It is also an effective way to dampen the power of a young Skill-user.

It can be brewed from the bark of an old tree, such as a larch. To prepare it, cut the end of the tree branch and loosen the bark from the twig. Then, tuck the loosened bark into a small pouch.

In Chalced, it is used to drug slaves by suppressing their desire to escape. It is a potent stimulant, increasing the slaves’ stamina while dulling their minds, but it is very addictive.

It is said that it can permanently alter a man’s mental state, making him suspicious and defensive even with his closest companions. It can also lead to an erratic mood, making him susceptible to feelings of despondency and fearfulness.

Elfbark is a toxin

Elfbark is a hypnotic herb that is used to suppress a person’s ability to Skill. It is said to extinguish the skill’s power in the young, and to cripple it for older Skill-users.

In Chalced, it is also used to drug slaves, for it increases their stamina but dulls their minds, making them less likely to lash out at their masters. It is dangerous to take a steady dose over a long period of time, and can be addictive if abused.

Fitz used elfbark for a while to suppress his Skill-hunger, but then stopped dosing it as it made him feel sick and gave him headaches. He also noticed that it did not affect Chade’s Wit.